9 Delightful Scandinavian Decor for You

Home is not only a room for people to live. For children, the home can keep them from the difficulties and danger. It can let people down all precautions, release stress and cultivate our body to mind. We give most of our passion to décor it in order to make it like the home in our dream. We spend most of our time with families in house. Home is such an important place that we need to décor it carefully.

Although we all know the importance of the home decor, what should we do or how can we decor our home? It is very vital to choose a suitable style for your home. The décor need to suitable for your characters and favors because it will company with you a very long time. If you do not like it, you will feel uncomfortable when you stay at home. You will not feel relaxed when you want to have a good break at home.

Today, I want to introduce Scandinavian deco for the people who advocate the simple life and minimalism. Like the “Harmony of Thais” embodies people’s attitude towards life- pursuing a simple lifestyle with contentment. Scandinavian decoration style combines original nature and modern simplicity, it is a decoration style that can make people feel relaxed and joy.

Scandinavian decor is a kind of modern decor or decoration, which combines modernism design thought with traditional culture. It is different from the other decor style, such as decorative and streamline style. The home furniture always has a light color, giving people a clean and fresh feeling. The primary color often used in this kind of decor: white and wood color. These colors often help the home looks lighter and brighter. The decor also add many plants as the decoration of the home. By using the green plants, can the house become more be closed to the nature. It is a good way to be relax in this environment.

Wood element is the soul of Scandinavian style. People often use the wood furniture as the decoration of the house, it is not only practical but also article. The decoration of the furniture is often simple shaped and sparsely decorated. It can create an atmosphere of nature and leisure. We can know the person’s attitude from his home decor If his or her home decoration is clean and delicate, his or her attitude towards life is must positive and optimistic. Some important decorations like lamp, carpet is also obbligati in the Scandinavian decor. Scandinavian’s materials are likely natural elements, such as wood, bamboo.

The materials and colors are harmonious and natural. Plants can be used to increase the wholesome feeling of the state of life design’s concept which is aim at closing to nature. Such kind of the decor can not only cultivate our body but also our healthy mind. There is a hunting tradition in the old tribes in Scandinavian area, so there are lots of hunting elements in the decor of home, like fur carpet. It is the inheritance of the culture. It is also significant to create a good atmosphere in the bedroom because we are sleeping in a third of the time of our life. In my opinion, bedroom is the most important place in our home. Scandinavian style of decor pursuit the origin of the life and the natural state of the life.

White is the most commonly used color in most Scandinavian decoration styles and the most widely used color, because white can make home decoration transparent and clean.Take the study of the study on the picture as an example. White tables, white walls, and even blinds are white. This design makes the originally narrow space much wider visually, even if there are more debris, it will not make the space appear small and messy.The silver-white table lamp extends from the ground to the table, making the lines of the space smoother and highlighting the beauty of the lines.The wide-leaf green plants beside it add a touch of bright color to such a pure white environment. The plants make the space more lively, and also allow you to relax after work or study.

The Scandinavian decoration style is very inclusive , you can add any elements you like in the room without being obtrusive.Just like the picture, the room contains many elements, such as marble, glass, leather and fur, metal and mirror, and wooden furniture. These seemingly uncoordinated elements can appear extremely harmonious throughout the room.

The floor, walls and ceiling of the room are all decorated with marble, which is a strong continuity of the whole space, without abrupt interception. However, due to the metal window frame and marble, the room is slightly deserted. The warm-colored carpets, brown leather, and blankets add warmth and comfort to the room.

The use of such decoration in a small space can extend the area visually, making the room clean and tidy. The large space can also use this decoration style because it can lay out the entire space reasonably, emphasizing the sense of contour and lines, so that the entire space becomes fashionable.In a large area of ​​space, you can use your imagination and creativity to the fullest, and use bold contrast. The wonderful color matching makes the space full of new ideas.

The colors used in this style are mainly Morante, because such colors will not be too bright and will not cause you too much visual burden and cause visual fatigue. Morandi color system is a good match with metal, the texture is more advanced.

Geometric figures are also very popular in home improvement in recent years. Different lines and graphics not only make the room appear lively, but also allow the space to be extended through different lines.

The Scandinavian style has many obvious and typical elements, such as fur decorations, broad-leaf green plants, metal and glass decorations, etc. Fur decoration can make a slightly deserted home look warm and comfortable because of simple furniture; green plants can make the home look fresh. High-grade metal decorations make the home more layered, and glass decorations make the whole home more transparent and bright, which can visually expand the indoor area.

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