14 Sparking and Surprising Home Decor Ideas May Help You

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Types of Decor

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  • Fresh air. Green plants can purify and fresh air, which can make your have a clear head andf feel sober and happy when you wake up.
  • A pleasant mood . A hobby.If you are interested in horticulture and floriculture, you must rise some plants without a doubt. Planting is also a good hobby. It is also a good way to modulate our emotion and bright our mind.
  • A hobby.If you are interested in horticulture and floriculture, you must rise some plants without a doubt. It is also a good way to modulate our emotion and bright our mind.

  • Attention. Nowadays, more and more time we spend in playing phones and using computers, less and less hobbies we can keep.
  • Mind. Rising plants is a good way to cultivate our good qualities and increase our mental fouse.

Blanket and Rug

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  • Many people love to stretch on sofa and it is so comfortable that there is a warm blanket on you. Soft and cozy blanket will give you warm and leisure feelings even in the severe cold. It is also a good decoration which could elevate the texture and upgrade the style of home.
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  • Downy blanket is also suitable for sleek chairs. You will feel totally relaxed and decompressed when you lay on the rug on the chairs. As a décor which have strong heat preservation function, it is very necessary in northern region and cold areas.
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Light Decor

  • Lighting plays a more important role in home décor because it can provide a special and elegant style for home especially in some small details. There are many different types of light décor could be provided as light source. There are many kind of lighting source: string light, bulbs, candles and lanterns. You can choose one depend on your home style and the strong or weak light you expected.
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  •  You can add many string lights on bedroom and do not worry about expense because they are electric saving. Adding some candles on the dining table is also encouraged because they cannot only increase brightness, but also add atmosphere and improve the relationships between family members when you are having dinner together.
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Light can create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere and if you have the habit to read newspaper or books on sofa, you can add a lamp to make living room brighter.

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Wall decor

There are many ways to décor wall.

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  • First, painting the walls. You can choose paint the whole wall with one color which is the most common and normal method to décor wall. Try to use some different color to draw an easy painting is also a good choice to make your home artistic and delicate.
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  • Second, putting up wallpaper. If you like rustic style, you can pick vintage one which is like romantic bistro; if you are willing to décor your home with fresh and minimalist style, you can choose some light color wallpaper which is not showy. It will also make home elegant and well-designed.
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  • Third, if you think that wallpaper is too expensive and time-consuming, you can choose other effect and easy way to décor blank wall. Why not choose some posters or paintings with elegant frame to décor your wall? You can even draw some paintings by yourselves and display them in mud room.
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  • Other decoration like wall carpet, mirror and dry flower are all the good stuffs you can used in your room and you can choose them if you like.

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