13 Astonishing Plants to Decor Your Home

All of us know that the importance of the home decor. However, the decorations are usually expensive and we cannot affordable them. There is a kind of affordable decoration from nature– plants. It is one of the most common décor ideas for our home. Different plants make home fresh and decompress all your tiredness and pressure after a day of work. Do you feel energy and comfortable when you see the vivifying and lovely things?

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However, the reason why I recommand it as the decor of home it not only for affordable. There are many good effects or advantages for plants to decor home. They are benefitcal for the home so it is better to decor home with it.

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Advantages of Plant


  • Purify. First, they have the function to fresh air. You can feel fresh and clear like be in the forset. Plants can effeciently absorb harmful gases and other unhealthy elements in air by photosynthesis. They can also absorb harmful gases which was caused by indoor decor, such as toluene, xylene and so on. Remember to ensure enough light or sunshine for them! Because they can play full effect only in the enough light condition.
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  • Relaxation. Growing plants is a way to relax because you need to pay attention to the growing condition of the plant and that is a very long process. You can slow down and sit down in this long process and get sufficient rest. Gardening is also a good habit which could decelop patience and perdeverance. They can improve our physical and mental health.
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  • Increase indoor oxygen content. Plants can increase oxygen content indoors and absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen continuously. Make sure they can get enough shunshine or light, ok? That is very matters if you want they work efficently.


Plants make a great impact on beautifying room. They add colors to home and make space idyllic. Plants are harmonious with all kinds of home decor style and spice up your personalities into home decoration as well.

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With decoring all kinds of flower pots, plants are especially beautiful and unique. You can take plants be harmonious by changing the styles and patterns of flower pots. And they are suitable for different kinds of home decor styles. Try to put plants in the balcony some times a week because they can get light and grow well.

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Why not to create your own forest in your garden by plants? You can also put some shelves on the wall to buils a plant wall which is interesting and amazing. They are good for eyesights as well. You can put one or two pots in your study and look them after finishing your work.

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The bedroom is comfortable when you try to add some in it. They can fresh air and make you feel leisure and peaceful. However, if you have time and energy, you can put them outsides from bedroom because they will release carbon dioxide but it is so small that will not harm you.

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Living Room

The living room is to rest and upgrade the whole level and texture of the house. Putting some in living room can showcase your personality and embody your healthy attitude toward life.

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They can absorb smells in the bathroom and make air fresher in the bathroom. Most of us decor bathroom with white color and that will be very pale. So you can add green and other vivid colors in bathroom. They are also very easy to move, they are better than other decoration especially for bathroom.

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Plants are natural and healthy decoration for our home. There are also many different kinds of them and you can try some kinds of them to be harmonious with your home decor style.

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